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Friday, February 17, 2012

flawless. them not me.

OMG. So bored of studying, about 2 hours I stucked with the thick thick books like Bailey and Love. :(. Yeah, blogging is on of my way to chillax. ;).

Today's topic is nothing but skin. You know what? I am so jealous with those who have very baby-like skin, soft and smooth. Very pretty! :) If I saw one, I was like, "Cantiknyaa lahaaaai orang ni, untung laaa dia.. ". =.-. Well, not everybody knows that actually I have a very senstive skin, very very sensitive I would say. Mak said that, when she was carrying me in her womb, she refused to eat lots of vegetables and fruits because yeah she was diagnosed to have hyperemesis gravidarum( excessive vomiting in pregnancy). She suffered that for about up to 6 months carrying me. Huuu, and she said sorry because of that, my skin isn't that perfect, in a way that it is so sensitive. I didn't blame mak. Hee don't worry.:). I am the eldest, yeah maybe there was exaggeration of morning sickness kot, never mind. :) Speaking about those sensitive skins that I own, even a slight rub maybe due to a mosquito bites, it leaves a mark, quite prominent anyway.. Huaaa, pity me kan? dah la, truth is, mosquitoes love me lot kot! Haihhh everywhere I go, they will tend to attack me first compared to others! Maybe 'darah manis' kot. hahaahha, okay habis dah. ;p. And yet, because of that, I am the winner with multiple mosquito bite marks. Sedih okkkkay tak tipuuuu...I tried so many products and there wasn't any improvement. Maybe a little, but yeah it still looks ugly mugly uggliiiiesssstt okieyhhhhh sobsobbb.. :(..

Even I have a thought to do skin laser to remove all of that, you know, hmm but yeah there are too many complications can be listed because of the laser. Tak cantik pun takpela, at least I am safe from those complications. :). And if one day I am pregnant, I will will will make sure that I eat food fruit and vegetables a lot, and to my future hubby who is reading this, please mark. And remind me in case I forget it. :) If I don't have that soft, perfect, baby-like skin without those mosquito marks, maybe I can make my babies have that. :)
untung lah kulit flawless:(

*p/s: saya memang tak chantik takde kulit yang lawa cun melecun, tapi saya bersyukur saya masih hidup lagi thanks Allah:)

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