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Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello. :) Salaam.
Nothing much to be posted for today.
I'm in a good mood. The queries that stayed in my mind for more than one week have been answered.
Thank you. :)
One more thing before I forgot. I am so scared about my daily food intake. So imbalance I tell you. Some people say it's good to cut what you eat everyday but for me it can lead you to depression. Depression sebab tak cukup makan. Hahaahah. :D:D:D
As long as you have the will to eat, just eat. :)
I don't mind to tell you, I weighed 55.5kg few days back. It is actually just nice for the height like me. Haha. I repeat, JUST NICE. ;p. But, it is actually quite distressing cause usually I weigh only around 54kg++. T_T

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