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Monday, April 4, 2011

We are we. We are we.

Hola. Hola. Hola. Three times, enough to greet all of you out there. :) Please don't hope for more. Lol. Right, today is a super duper drama day. Well, why am I saying this? I'll be explaining very soon.

First and foremost, today was the first day I went officially to the psychiatric ward which was at KMC Hospital, Manipal. If like previous days, we went to TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi, not to meet the patient but, to have lecture there. Freaking bored, I honestly hate theory classes. Duhh. :(

But, today was a bit different. We went to the ward, on the second floor, and we could see a ward, with a guard. Usually, there'll be no guard in front of any wards, but this one was different. There was a guard, standing right in front of the psychiatric ward and I guess you know the reasons. This is actually to avoid the patients to escape from the ward because, it is actually possible for them to run away. So, that is the main point why there will be the guard standing in front of the psychiatric ward. Once we entered the ward, I could see some of my team mates already reached there like Vidya, Sundaraa and Thayasheri. Suddenly, there was a man, an ordinary man I thought came to us. ( Me and Zaty). Sundaraa said, he was one of the patient, and before we arrived there, he didn't even speak to these three fellas but when Zaty and I came, then only he came towards us. Sundaraa said, maybe he looked at us as 'what the hell are they doing here, cause we looked different with our scarfs on.' He approached me, and I distant a little. Then, he spoke something in Kannada which I didn't understand. But my Indian colleagues could understand a little. He wanted us to play carom with him. Haha. Of course, I couldn't play cause I didn't even know how to play by the way. Even Zaty could play, she refused to play with the guy cause afraid that the guy might get angry if he lose. Haha. But, fyi, he really looked like a normal ordinary guy which is perfectly normal and educated, but pity him, he actually has mental problems. :(

At 3.00p.m sharp, we entered a lecture room, and there was a psychiatric doctor came inside. He was our lecturer. With his shirt and pants on like a doctor, he sat on the chair. We looked at him very anxiously. Was he the doctor? Cause, once he sat on the chair, he played with his hands, like a-mentally-disorder patient played. He moved his hands right and left, he played with the fingers then started talking. OMG. He really looked scary. Haha. Then, Zaty said, if like in TV drama, there'll be a guard enter the room and get this guy and actually this guy is a patient. But he isn't. HE IS A REAL DOCTOR. From my observation, I guess there's the point he's behaving like that, so that he can actually feel and listen to the patient, and so that the patient himself trusts the doctor, and thus, he can comfortably tell what his problems to the particular doctor in details. Well, bravo doctor. :) Hee. Even now, I am getting psyched a little. Haha.

The world of psychiatry.
After one hour listening to the lecture, we packed our things and ready to leave, because we had a mission after that- to watch MMMC Football players to play vs. MIT players at End Point. Well, what can I say, this was their chances to get into the final. History record. As MIT was labelled as the best team in football, they were actually kinda nervous for this game. But, it didn't matter much as long as they had the spirits, more than enough actually. Well, Bingo, I could see the spirits in the air, the struggles and the fights to reach at that far. You and your respective team. MIT played very good. As soon as we arrived the field, suddenly, one of the MIT players scored a goal. It was like some parts of our heart broke. But, they didn't give up. They defended very well and tried to score. The lucky was there somewhere, and fortunately, one of the MMMC players, no.14 jersey if I am not mistaken, an Indian guy scored one goal, making clear that the result at the moment was draw 1-1. Again the game continued. They attacked and defended. It was so much fun with the spirits all over the air. I was so proud of them and the fans, too. :) And suddenly drama came again. The MMMC captain looked badly injured, but I guess he was actually okay haha, :P. Actually, the extra times should be given for both team to play to find the winner but, since the captain wasn't that okay, so, the referee decided to turn it into free-kick penalties for both teams.( I don't know what actually they called it.)

If I were a boy, one game that I surely play is football.
The goalkeeper was Panjang. He was very good at defending and so did the teams in scoring the goals. Alhamdullilah, luck was on our side that time, MMMC won over MIT which means that MMMC is going to be in the final against KMC. How proud we were at that time. Goosebumps you know, seriously. =.= Well, to the players, BEST OF LUCK for tomorrow. Keep the spirits high up, and pray for the best. We will always be by your sides, MMMC.:)

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