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Monday, April 4, 2011

Water- Is-Falling-Not-The-Tears

Salaam I bid to y'all. How u doing? Hmm. Just want to update what I've done today.

  • spent time enjoying at one of the waterfalls nearby, Hana Mana Gundi.
  • slept all day after coming back. I am a lazy bird. =.=
  • went for bubble tea in the evening. Vanilla + Chocolate with pearls is my all time favourite. ;) 
  • had a very scary dream. ( In the dreams, I was found to have brain tumor. Could you Imagine it? Fuh~)
  • thought something that bothering me these few days. 
sayer. :)


The place. Waterfall.
takde kaitan. but, I just LOVE him .:)
I don't know what keeps bugging me recently. There are some things that couldn't be explained by words but, you really feel kinda disturbing. Let me tell in brief.

"What you gonna do if you are stuck in the middle, between the good side of you and the bad? "
"What if you aren't comfortable with a thing but, you gotta get used with it everyday?"
"What if your soul's decision didn't really match your body's action? "

Well, to be firm and rigid yet frank, now I am having this kinda problem. I don't want to bug anybody telling them what I feel, in which I believe they too, have their own problems to be settled down rather than listening to my problems which will then actually add the burden in their minds. I am still holding on till now. Maybe when I come to Malacca to further my study, this thing will end.. THIS WHOLE THING. Actually, there are one or two of my friends who knew about this, but yeah you know, the responds that they gave to me, weren't always the responds that I wanted. Not everything synchronizes with my
heart's desire. I try to be strong for this 6 months forward, hopefully. I try to be positive and cool .

I have a belief in one thing.
If you are treating something good even you are the one who hurts, good things will hit you back someday, some other times. :) maybe, this isn't your luck. :) ( That keeps me strong till now. Holding on.)

I don't want to talk more. Enough of speaking, I know not everybody read this, not everybody follows my blog.. Those who is reading my blog, thank you so much. :) I am not hoping that everyone notices this blog, but at least, I've got loyal reader who is there somewhere, who follows CHOCOLATE. Thanks readers. ;)

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