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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ikan te-dap! :)

Hey, salaam. It's 10.03 p.m now in Manipal. What am I doing now? I am online. Youtubing, facebooking, listening to Nur Nilam Sari thousands of time. Tah ap2 je, isn't it? Lol. Actually I am supposed to open Psychiatry book and start studying. Lotsa things to be studied. But here I am, gossiping and chit chatting. :) Well, YES to me because I actually did it. I bunked the afternoon posting at KMC Hospital. Hee. Serves you right. Err, I actually don't know who 'you' refer to. Hee.

Okay, before I start to open my lovely dovey book, here I want to let you guys know. My closest friends, there are 6 of us, err, we convoyed to Malpe Beach, just to taste the fried fish, Fara and Mun always talked about. Hell yes, the taste was awesome! :) Should try it more often. :)

They say, she is my twin. :)

superb! It seriously tasted so good! Aummm! :D:D:D

Moral of the day: Do whatever you want to do to cheer you up, as long as it doesn't hurt others much.

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