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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You have the right, too.

Heart. It may looks dull and lame, but this heart holds thousands of stories if you ever dare to feel it.:)

Have you ever thought that people don't actually believe in what you do? They simply put you aside thinking that you aren't able to do complex things, but they do. I am nobody to point to anybody anyway. Just want to speak in random. As what I've written in previous post, people are born with different abilities and talents. Just want to add some more, some of the abilities are worldwide and too general. All of us, have that ability like for example, leadership. Please don't think that only you have that leadership quality but others don't. Please avoid being too selfish. We live in a freedom world. There are too many things others can do, just let others to do, don't conquer it to yourself. :)

And plus, one more thing I want to state here. I don't understand why the effing hell some people don't bother about others ideas and opinions. Each and every one of us has the right to say what they think. If you reject others' idea some other day, others may reject yours too. Serves you right, then. Pedas tak? I am so sorry. Extra chillies today. LOL.

By the way, this evening my Malay batchmates had a video shooting at ICHS. This was all for the sake of the so-called Liqa' Mahabbah to welcome the juniors of batch 28( ohh not to forget, we are the super senior batch which is batch 24.:) Mine was not done yet, because the prop is still not there. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe, this one might be forgotten as well.

Here are some pictures during the shooting session.:)

tasnim, daz and ijan
Wawan dan Zaty. Prince and Princess.
Some of the 24's heroes. :)
Alolo mereka. sweet sangat. hee.
Hasil kerja tangan hasmira. Dipegang oleh Edi amon.

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OyOp said...

Ni rupenya tujuan ko amke gambar arituh?? haha