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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Salaam. hey there. What's up? :) Well, I am currently in the Community Medicine posting which was once said to be fun and
enjoyable posting ever, compared to the other postings. The previous batch said that, most of the time, they just chillax,
chillax and  chillax.

First time I heard about it:* Perghh. Gila best Commed. Bleyh balik awal, jalan-jalan and chillax. Mantop ah. :D:D:D*

But now, since I've already posted to this posting, I don't seem to see what the previous batch did see. There are few things that I encountered that lessen the spirit to love commed to as minimum as possible. That is not a good sign thou'.:( *sigh*
I give you what are the things about Commed that scare me.

  • The notes. I don't have a perfect note about commed. Maybe it is too early to expect perfect notes but at least, give me some hope.T_T
  • The lecturers. The previous batch said they got Dr. Kiran and he was so superb, nice, good looking and very soft. But, to my surprise, for now, three lecturers have come in but, none of them showed qualities like what Dr. Kiran have. I don't mind about good looking but I care about the way he teaches and the way he/she speaks to students. This is very important to ensure that all students enjoy during the class. T_T
  • The time-line. By the way, this isn't giving too much problems, but still I've got high expectations for Commed. I hope that the class ends early but truth is, it doesn't. Argh, never mind. It's never a problem, at least for now. :)
  • The unprepared schedule. I admit that the schedule has already been given to the students about what we are going to do for each and every day during the posting, but however, when that exact time came, for example this morning, there were so many confusions around which distracted us from concentrating to the class. And plus, lecturer kept on answering the phone calls. Adehh~ 
  • etc.
Actually, it is just the third day of this posting. It is not really good time for me to judge yet. but still, I hope and expect a better things about Commed. I just hope things will be going to be fine. Hopefully. :)

About other story, thanks for the Chocolate again. Love it. ;) Guess I will gain weight, but ahhh I don't mind as long as I still have the chance to eat choc. Yummy. :D:D

Other more story: Mun went back to Malaysia to attend her brother's wedding, Abang Amit. Have fun Mun! I am gonna miss you , beloved twin.:D

Good bye  for now. TTYL. :D

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