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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drop the subject.

Salaam I bid to you all. Here I am. Today was a terrible, bad day. Not actually too bad literally, but yeah still, it was considered as bad. Starting from early in the morning till the end of the day. What could I say more, I didn't expect things to happen sometimes, but truth is, they just happened. Well, first and foremost, exam is postponed to SATURDAY in which we suppose to free ourselves that day. Saturday from morning to evening. Can you I imagine it? Hmm. Majority wins as always. We, who are the minority side loses. Hmm again. Next, during my journey back to Manipal from TMAPAI hospital, I took a bus and the bus driver seemed to horn here and there NON-STOP. Urgh. It irritated me so much. I felt so  nauseated but, thank God the journey to reach Manipal didn't take too much time. I am officially HATE tempe. Next at the evening, we went to the psychiatry ward early than usual because of one reason in which I can't tell it here. So pissed off. But, unfortunately, not even a single lecturer came when time showed 3 p. m. Okayyy I hate waiting for people. I could considerate if it was only half an hour but if it exceeded more than that, I think the most tolerable person also couldn't stand I guess. And here he came. The lecturer, talking and kept talking till 4.00p.m.:( After that, I made our way to the hospital to see my friends involved in an accident. Poor them. Rohil and Mantap. Nothing bad happened, just after this, scars would be here and there over their faces. Plastic surgery helped a lot. :) And last but not least, it is about friendship. I am sick talking about this. So sick like what Ne- Yo said. Basically, what can I say, I am still holding on to this. Just hope and pray for this to end  very soon. Very soon. I just have to have to faith in Him. HE knows best. And to make me smile at the very end of the day, I've got something that I love the most. Thanks. You know me and you know who you are, too.:)

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