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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It is already 12am in the morning. I am so much tired. Today was the day of competition. Haha. The culture parade. UTSAV kinda thing. And the interesting thing was that, I gotta be bidan terjunn and had to transform into a kadazan celup, to perform because, not enough people were there voluntarily. And to make things super interesting, I didn't really good at dancing. For the sake of friend, I tried my best to dance. And alhamdullilah, we got the fortune and luck, we really made it. The first place among all the college in India ( to those who took part). MMMC won! Well, congratulations people. Pictures aren't there yet. If some of my friends upload it in fb, I'll copy paste and put it here. So , you guys can see how much my face transformed on that day itself. Woww. Even I was so impressed. Thanks to the make-up professional. Bella and Alia. You guys were superb. :) I am actually still on my bed, without even take a bath after the tiring day. Penat nak bangun! Okay fine, I am gemuk and I gained 2 kg recently. :( Huhu. Whatever. :p.

To my little sister, Wawa, if by chance you read this blog, I just want to say sorry because I am so busy lately with so many things that suddenly come up, so I am unable to call you and practise the interview with you girl. :) I'll do so, when I have leisure time, maybe tomorrow or the day after. Actually, she asked me to help her, because she's going for an interview to get scholarship which she never ever faces the interview session in her life. So, it is normal if she keeps repeating that she has the problems of butterflies in the stomach. I can understand that. :) Well anyway, I know you can do it. Just have faith in yourself and HIM too. (^^)

I think that's all for the moment. Well, one thing I want to stress here.

Each and every one of us has the ability and talent that we never encounter. We keep on telling ourselves that we are losers, unable to do anything, and we are surrounded with inability not ability. Well, you guys should think it again. :) The hidden or occult talent can be seen if you try harder to portray it. :) You got me, don't you?:) Enough of speaking. Diam diam! Hehehhehe. :) ( takde kaitan, tetiba rasa nak mengumpul setem. Jom. :)

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