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Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't get jaded. at least for this:)

Don’t worry much, life is full of surprises anyway.:).

The feeling is uncontrollable, undecided and unexpected
It suddenly comes and sticks to the corner of the heart
Once, I tried to wash it off, because I was so scared of getting hurt
Even the core and resistant bleacher couldn’t resist it
How strong it is, if you never know
Again, the denial and lies tried to cover the feeling
Because we thought that it won’t be a permanent one,
Time did fly so fast and fast
Too many things did happened in which we both didn’t expect
You pretended to be cool, I tried to be ignorant
Yet, it becomes stronger and firm as the days pass.
Should we ignore it like we used to do?
Should we wash it off but at the end of the day we fail to get it clean?
Should we ignore the happiness that we feel because of this?
No, we shouldn’t, we definitely shouldn’t,
I am tired of getting hurt, let go off things that I love the most
Now, I want to be happy, with you, only you
Worries and troubles are humans’ best friends
We can’t avoid or escape, they will come no matter what
Let’s try to work it out, if you will I will,
Only the strength and passion will keep us stronger under the help of Him
If only we are meant for each other…:)

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