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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Smile. Smile.

Just woke up. I hate sleeping at the evening. Actually, I have no intention to sleep, but you know, when you face or study while you are landing on the bed, definitely you'll be going into the dreamland. Kan?:) By the way, all of a sudden, I was kind of missing something. Missing something that has gone which will never come back. Missing something that once I lost it, even I aren't supposed to pray that everything goes back to normal. That is life anyway. Believe me, somehow, you gonna get used to it.

She's cute, isn't she? Suka dye. Cantik. :) Nak cantik macam dye. Hehe.
Just want to express something. Haha. Actually, as you all know, I am in the psychiatry posting now. There are so many lecturers that come in and out to teach us. One lecturer that touches my heart, named as Dr. Sameer. He's kinda cute. I love the way he talk to the patient. So cool and you feel like want to smile till you can't smile due to excessive smiling. You got what I mean? Lol. Just so you know, tomorrow will be the last day of posting in Psychiatry. Then my turn is Commed. Community Medicine. Again, I'll be so free, going to the different sites and will be back home before 4. This is what Fara said. hee. :) Anyhow, leaving Psychiatry posting and going to the other posting is quite sad. But, that is life. From one chapter to another. Oh, if you guys remember about the patient I told so long back named Vidya( I am not sure if I ever tell u all or not.) who has depressive disorder. She will be discharged tonight. I could see her smile when I went to the ward this evening. :) Get well soon, Vidya! NO STRESS, JUST CHILLAX.! This is reminder for me too n maybe for you all too.:)

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