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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey, No More Dreams?T_T

The moon and thousands of stars in the sky,
They get so little, with only a glimpse of shines
Poor thing, not all of us able to see
Because some have blinded eyes
Some have sorrow hearts 
And some have blunt passion.

We love to talk about destiny and fate
As if things happen so perfectly
Life is full of great and superb surprises
But, the truth is masked with lies and more lies
We forget about coincidence and routine
It's a norm when people love to live in fantasy
But, over-fantasy and over-dreaming aren't good
As life is not as lovely as in the dreams
As a destined meeting is not as fate as dream would bring.

People, let's open our eyes widely
Stop dreaming and wishing good things always by your side
Don't ever forget that there are still darkness and gloom in the room
Face the reality and get used to it.:)

*P/s: This is to those who love fantasy and dreams and tend to rely to these two like so much. Please do aware that we are humans, not angels. Not all the dreams come true. This is a reminder for me too. Eiffel Tower or SRK even Ezra Fitz aren't always possible in some ways. It MAY BE POSSIBLE, but trust me self, most of the time, it isn't. :)

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