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Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't talk nuts. Cause you might regret later. (=.=)

I am the eldest in my family. The ELDEST. The one that is thought to have a matured thinking compared to the rest of my siblings. Sometimes, I think I am holding a very large responsibility, I mean in the sense of I am the one who should be giving some pieces of advices to my younger brothers and sisters if they have problems or matters that arise, I might say.

I don't know how to react with this. I think I am so cannot handle this thing because I judge myself as 'only a little girl who knows nothing', but weird thing is that, one of my friend said that,

"Ko jangan risau la. Ko fitrilina kot.;) Ko bleh handle benda2 mcm ni.;)" 

Haha, actually, I am wondering, am I a person that is described as above? Well, whatever it is, I try my best to give the very best from me. I don't talk nuts. Err, even sometimes I do. Hahaha.

Just want to make a brief rewind about what I did today. Hmm, guess what?I've done watching Gossip Girl for the fourth season! yeay to me yeah.:) I don't actually know what to study for psychiatry posting. So relaxed till now. Not much burden in the head. Is this considered normal? Lol.

They are hot! Macam goreng pisang hangat to Cik Joyah hoi~ :D
I don't want to babble more. Just one word enough to summarize the day.



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