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Sunday, March 25, 2012


It seems that this ground floor will be filled up by new juniors. Yeah, tak la sunyi sangat time weekend kan. Hee:) What I mean by junior, is yeah our junior, Batch 25, they are actually the same batch as us, but, the are in the different batch. Welcome to the house of MMMC. Just come here, and feel it by yourselves. Don't trust everything seniors said, because sometimes they just overrated. :p.

By the way, today, it didn't seem smooth like yesterday. Quite disappointed with myself actually, because I expected I could become at least better than yesterday already:( Never mind, I just try for the best. T_T

I watched HOUSE again today. Yeah, kinda my routine these days, all because of Lina's fault for giving me the series, up to seventh season. Hihi, sorry Lina, it is actually my fault for finding you up to 4th floor just to get the series. :). Every episode seems to give me a lot of lesson, maybe, and for the episode 13 season 5 today, it was about how a busy doctor, a administrator of Princeton Hospital managed herself with busy life and her adopted small little baby at the same time. It is actually quite difficult, it needs a lot of patience and courage to bear through all those difficulties, messed life, and smelly house because the baby will keep on pooping. If you know what I mean. ;) Pampers here and there, crying is child's best friend, and plus, you gonna have to wake up early in the morning if in case the baby cries all of a sudden and you just have to prepare for the baby's milk. Sounds horrible and messy right? But, that's how I am going to face later in life. Because I know, being a doctor isn't like any other profession in which you have plenty of times with your family, lots of holidays to spend together, just list all the places you wish to go and furthermore, doctor doesn't work like an office hour, and if it does, you have to work the whole office hours plus the additional hours( additional hours here mean on-call). Ohhh, just have to prepare my mind, mentally and physically to accept this fact of torturing life which I'm surely gonna face.

But hey, who said that it is so bad? Who said that being doctor is too bad? You don't have time with your family? Yeah maybe that's definitely true, but in a positive side to think about it is that, the less hour you spend with your family, the more you gonna miss your family much, and it strengthens the relationship you know. Because some say that, if you are in a distance away from your loved ones( distance here can be in time, in kilometres and whatsoever that comes in your mind at this time), your love gonna get bloomed and it gives you the chance to miss them, doesn't it seem cute and sweet? :) *I'm actually trying to convince myself here, okay, ;p*

But, just come hell or high water, just come the torturing life or annoying cries of the babies, I wouldn't mind, because I know when I am in that position myself, having to take care of my husband and my babies, things will gonna change. Having babies and family is just a wonderful thing in life, yeah I know I do not experience it myself yet, but I have had the examples from my root family: my abah, mak and sisters with brothers. It's actually pretty sweet and cool you know, when the gathering time comes after so long everyone had busy life before, that gathering time is the time in which you know that, you love them a lot and you will appreciate the time a lot. :)

So, to my future hubby, just don't worry. We will try to make it as best as we can okay, just have faith in each other. Maybe, life will be a little bit tougher at the beginning, but we just have to cross the hurdles, and just remember good things that awaits us in future. insyaAllah, we have faith in Him too, Amin:)

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