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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If others scold me, if others talk harsh to me, if others don't entertain me like they always do, I really don't mind and don't give a damn about it, just do what you guys wish.

But, if it is all about you, listening to the different voices of yours, you don't entertain me like you used to do, if you don't crack the jokes like you used to tell me, I am totally broken apart, teared apart. My eyes suddenly filled with tears, and heart felt like crashing like the crashing waves on the beach. I didn't plan this, it just happened, I didn't want to take this seriously, but it just did.

I know, somehow, I just have to understand, busy life is the routine of our lives afterwards, you with your days, and mine with my days, maybe we don't even have the chance to talk every day. At the very end of the day, you are tired, maybe I will get tired too. Then, that time, I have to tolerate to the tiredness that you may portray without purpose, I should have understood about that. Bersabar lah..

Then, coming to the smooth stories of theirs. Hope and pray that our love stories will end like that, as smooth as that. The more longer I have to bear to live without you, hurts me a lot, but I know, whatever it is , I have to get used to it for 2 years. Impossible for that to be changed to less than 2 solid years. Even, it may extend more than 2 years, who knows. Ya Allah, I pray and I plead, may this will end with a smile on our faces, end with a happy ending, I pray that he's the one for me, the right one. Amin.

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