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Friday, March 16, 2012


okay. I have like half an hour to blog. Noted. Hehe. Yeah, gotta divide time wisely now. Tak boleh main- main dah kan. today is friday which means tomorrow is a holiday which means I am free to wake up late which means I just forget that I have driving class which again makes me realize that I can't wake up late! Argh lame! Demit. Huhhhh takpe.. Orang cakap, kalau bangun awal, rezeki senang nak masuk. and truth is I am not sure about the possibility of it to be correct. Haha! Biasa lah, ayat- ayat orang tua. ;)

one thing I just realized. I can't stay in my room alone. I mean like, I really don't like staying in a room alone without a roommate. yeah, tak biasa. :(. rasa sunyi sangat. because even in my house I stay in a room with my other two little sisters, except that if I wanted privacy then they will understand then they will automatically went out from the room for a while. Then when I was in a boarding school, I stayed in a room with the other three roommates and again in KTT, I stayed with my friend Dayah. To prove that I really prefer to stay with somebody else in a room, then again in Manipal, I stayed in the master bedroom with Izzati. See? now I am all alone. Even during the night if I am gonna sleep, I have to switch the lamp on because I am scared of sleeping alone. :(. Missing my little sisters suddenly. T_T

Okay dahhh enough. Now I want to have my dinner. Mee Sedap. Instant again. Sorry. >.<. Hee, happy dinner!

P/s: Jersey batch dah dapat. Yeay!! ;)

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