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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are few things left unsettled which include:

  • the two-topics a day, I didn't even have the chance to do it. Actually, I did have the chance but I wasted it. Come on, make it real, girl!
  • to not to sleep after Subuh, this is the hardest part, yeah dugaan- dugaan, only those who are very istiqamah can do that. I've to start to do it, first time, might be a little bit trouble, but a continuous doing is gonna make it as routine, insyaAllah:)
  • to finish off the novel that I borrowed from Syikin that day, entitled ' Denyut Kasih Medik'. I just realised that I haven't finished reading the novel during the cleaning process of my room that day. Gotta make a move. One page one day. 
  • To start playing and exercising during the evening, because I have developed free fat storage beneath the abdominal part. Demit. 
  • To make a calculation on my semester budget and spending, because I have my mission okay, haha, let it be a secret for now;)
  • that's it. stop scrolling. There's nothing else more left behind, and if it does have something, I wouldn't be mentioning here, kbai! :)

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