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Thursday, March 15, 2012

tolong lah baik:(

  • I've fully used the voucher given by the government. thanks a lot for the good heart. 
  • I am tired. feeling like to sleep, but I can't. 
  • No mood. Handphone is not being nice to me. :(
  • Nobody misses me like I do :(
  •  I've lost everything I saved in my notes in  Audry. T___T
  • pimples all over my face. Bila ntah muka nak okay macam dulu. 
  • Why I failed too many subjects? Brings my motivation down so low.:(
  • Why suddenly Audry turn off by itself then when I have to on back, all the messages have gone? Semua message yang aku sayang hilang. 
  • Good night. I am tired. Mentally and physically. 

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