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Thursday, March 29, 2012

elective per say

Salam. A great opening, now and back then. It's already late,actually, but since I have slept for about 1 hour around 730pm, and now I just couldn't close my eyes for more, feeling fresh and good. If the class is on now, I am willingly to go. :p. Today, not much is there to be talked about, I don't have any idea, just thought about doing 'elective' later after final 4th year examination known as P2S1 examination. Owh, before I begin, I would like to tell, what elective means. 

Elective is the term used by us, MMMC student in which it defines as the compulsory hospital attends that you need to accomplish during the three-weeks holidays after P2S1 examination. It is kinda cool actually, where ever you want to go, and which department you prefer. Yeah, I knew that this topic has started to arise among my batchmates, and most of them prefer to do outside of Malaysia like Australia, Japan, Korea and the lists go on, but for moderate student like me, I can't afford to go there, even yeah I did have the thought to go somewhere else apart from Malaysia, but never mind, being in Malaysia to do elective is preferable, cost-saving, and practical since we are going to serve for government of Malaysia, so why choose overseas right?:)

And plus, going for elective as the same place as you is what I hoped for such a long time, if and only if everything is just possible without difficulties regardless the departments which we gonna take, it depends of him and depends on me too. I've been thinking to try out the surgery or medicine department since these are the busiest departments of all, and I could learn a lot during the time. It is just a thought, maybe I might change it as the time comes. So far, the hospital in mind is hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star, Kedah, but well, again these are all the thoughts. ;)

Other arising matter is that, tomorrow there will be blood donation campaign at my college, MMMC. I've been thinking about donating my blood, owh yeah, my blood type is B+ :). If I manage to donate blood this time, this gonna be the third time I successfully donated blood so far, two times in Manipal, back then. Since I am Malaysian, why not I try to donate for my own country right?:) yeah, will see again because at the same time, I am thinking to fast tomorrow, not the compulsory one, but just an optional or best termed as 'puasa sunat'. :) I just planned, but everything depends on Him up there, He have fated things to be in the correct way, hopefully, things will go smoother tomorrow, errmmm by tomorrow I mean today since it passed 12midnight already. :) 

Okay, gotta sleep now. Ttlyl. Salam.

P/S: Wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, thanks! You know what I mean ;)

just found this picture of Mak and Ecah when she was about 1 year old maybe. I miss her talkativeness. ;)

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