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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

missing a lot of things.

salam. berjumpa lagi. truth is I miss taking so much photos. I miss a lot of things. I miss playing sports, I miss to lepak-lepak with my friends somewhere spending time together, and the epic is, I miss INDIA, yessss I miss India! :).. I miss everything about India including:
  • I miss to play basketball at Sharada court.
  • I miss to jog at Endpoint or Anath Nagar.
  • I miss to play badminton at MARENA.
  • I miss to drink fruit juices especially Chiku after playing basketball.
  • I miss to scoot around with my beloved Maya, life was so easy when I had scooter back then, even I didn't have license.
  • I miss Nandini, because so much memories there.
  • I miss Papa Raju's cook( my cooker there)
  • I miss MAHE library, no doubt.
Yeah, banyak kan, benda yang saya rindu tentang India. Life is like this, when you were there, you didn't appreciate the place, you took it for granted, but when you are now studying somewhere else, even at your own homeplace, you miss the place in which once before, you hated it so much. :'(

Anyway, it happens again. On and off thing. Haiihh, it hurts my eyes a lot seeing it. Geram + sedih. :(.

Goodbye for now. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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