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Thursday, March 29, 2012

restless when I blanked and blurred.

I had a thought block this morning, I didn't know how it happened, it just did. It started when we were trying to do the dispersion exercises given by the lecturer. We had to find the answer for standard deviation, variance, standard error etc. which we have already learned during the school days and also A - level. It was fun, because, it involved so much calculations and I really love it.

Back to the point, about how I got this thought block. It started when Zaty asked me on how to calculate the variance. I explained to her the formula, and I have done it and got the answer. To make things easier, you have to know the mean value and saved it somewhere in the calculator either as A, B, C, etc values, so you didn't have to put the value many times. Then she asked me on how to insert the value either as A, B or C. When I was about to tell her, I suddenly blanked, like REALLY REALLY BLANKED. I felt so idiotic that time because it's not that I didn't know, it just that I forgot to do it during that particular time, even when Zaty asked I've already have the answer in my answer sheet. The way I inserted the value was done and triggered by my subconscious mind, and if I tried to recall one by one on how I did it, I just couldn't do it. I stucked for a while, just watching over the paper.

I am kinda person who will be so unmotivated if something I know it very well just slip from my mind like that, like that that eventhough before that, I am so mastered to do it. To continue the next question, I was so not into it. My mind was really working that time, trying to recall but I couldn't. When I got back to my room, I called my sister, Farina to teach me, yeah she did thought me but it was not the way I usually did to enter the value as it was quite complicated for me. Then I called my other sister, Najwa and Alhamdullilah, she really did it the way I did it. I got back the way! No more thought block! Immediately, I rushed to Zaty's room and told her the correct way about it. You know what, when I have already known the answer to my missing memories, I was so so so relieved and happy. :)

From here, the conclusion I can make is that, yeah I am the one who is so eager to know something that I used to know that I forget it just like that. I don'tknow about others, but that's how I feel. And if I couldn't find the answer, I will be restless and can't do anything else which I suppose to do. Just thinking, whether is a good thing or not? Haishhhh T_T

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