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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games!

Salam. The time is still tick- tocking. Yeah, it is 3.41p.m in the afternoon. I can't undo, redo nor forward the time. It continues and never gonna stop. And now, I think time is so precious, like so so so precious. Even now, if you realize, the time pass by so fast, I really mean it, because I've experienced it. A 24-hours seems so long, but when you are actually counting the hours, and just do your routine like always, you will find out that, the time seems to cut- shorten from morning till the night before you go to sleep, but it is actually, tick tock like always. So, think back about what you have done at the very end of the day, whether it is useful or not the way you've spent your time:)..

P2S1 results have come out. I'm gonna sit the exam in another one year. The results made me tachycardic for a while, tachycardic for the seniors. Most of them have passed, some have failed and quite a number has to sit for the exam in another one month or we called it as supplementaries. So so so scared. It is all about luck, patient, doctor and what case you get. Hopefully, when my time comes, everything goes well smoothly. I hope and I pray. T_T

Anyway, last night, I went to Jusco Aeon, Melaka with my other two friends, Mira and Mun to watch movie, actually we didn't have a specific movie to watch, we just gambled, randomly picked the movie. It was 'The Hunger Game'.

 It was was was superb superb superb movie ever. :) And we kinda excited because actually, the movie didn't turn out to be loser, since it was randomly chosen. :p. Thanks to them, and it was a joyable night after a tiring day during the weekdays. ( Actually, not really tiring for me since I am in the community medicine posting, but a bit tiringfor them.;p).. Plus, the main actress of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence was so hot in the movie! :))) Love her eyes. She looked so handsome in the attire during the game. :D

Overall rating I would give is, 4/5 because in life, nothing is perfect. Wow. So pathetic. Hihi. :p.

Last but not least, regarding my driving class today, I noticed some improvements compared to the last week I went. Alhamdulillah, I hope that it gets better day by day, even tomorrow I do have the class at 1130 in the morning. I was a little bit nervous when going up the hill, but I want to improve tomorrow. Semangat3!! :)

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