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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

moulds. you! :D

It's already 12.20 in the midnight. Okay, now again, I wasted my night. and this is because of that damn moulds stucked on my white-white walls. Actually, I did realized about the presence of that moulds back then, when I came back to my room after one week of holidays. And that moulds were there because of the cold temperature of my room due to the aircond which was still turned on after I left my room. The humidity of the room plus, the absence of sunlight into my room triggered the moulds to form their colonies. Okay, you are too bad, moulds! :S. I have tried so hard to remove it by using 'kain buruk' but then it was just hopeless, they just remained there. Then, I suddenly thought about using an eraser to remove the moulds, yeah I know it sounds pretty weird, but that's how I got the idea at the very first place. I tried to rub the eraser against the wall, and it seemed to be working! Told ya, my idea wasn't that bad after all. The view is better than before, even not all of the moulds that I can get rid of. Just let the remaining moulds remain there, and I'm gonna chase you out from my room very soon! Padan muka!

By the way, I have browsed a little bit from mr google to find out ways on how to get rid of the moulds from the walls. And these are the few suggestions:

this is the simplest way. okay, not bad, can try this one.
    I don't have this. So, this is thrown away from the list of suggestions.
and this one. Nah. Seems too much to wear like this, not gonna get infected, am I?
this is what will be if I just left the moulds to become populated and produce their offsprings!
Okay, and actually it turns out to be like this. I just use this: ERASER! or in layman term is 'pemadan' or rubber or getah pemadam? Whatever. The most important thing is that, it works!;))

never mind. I can suggest this to others. :) spare lots of erasers okay! :) you might never know when you gonna use them, hahahaah.

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